Colourpop Cookies Highlighter Trio First Impression

imageI kinda had my eye on this highlighter trio when I first saw it on Colourpop’s website. It’s for lighter skin tones, since I don’t keep up with my self tanning regularly during the winter… I thought this would be perfect.

From reading my blog, you know I’m a big fan of Colourpop. I love their matte, satin, and metallic liquid lipsticks! I really do think for the inexpensive price you pay, you end up with a good quality product. Plus they have many, many, different shades to choose from. Their products are great and shipping is usually super quick. I’ve never had any issues with Colourpop (items missing, broken, etc) knock on wood… so I’m not sure how the customer service is on that. However, I’d imagine they are pretty on top of things and would fix whatever issue you had accordingly.  Continue reading

Nails Of The Month – December

imageWhen I went into my nail salon for my appointment this month, I knew I wanted to do something kinda “wintery”

I ordered these foils online a few weeks ago, with some kind of design in mind for my next visit. The foils I got were just gold, silver, bronze, and this pretty gold and bluish mix together. (That’s the foil we ended up going with)

I really like this design. It’s not something I’ve done before… especially with the free edge (bottom of the nail) being transparent. As always, my nail tech, Amy did an amazing job!


What my camera is not picking up is the beautiful white (almost snow colored custom glitter mix) at the nail bed. It’s so sparkly and gorgeous! The foils are embedded in and I think this comes together so nicely. It’s simple, yet really stunning in person. To really get the effect it’s better to see it in person. I tried capturing it many times, however, the full intensity wasn’t picking up.

I think this design is perfect for the wintery months, especially with January right around the corner.

What types of designs do you like to do for the winter months? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Victoria’s Secret Lotion Haul Pt 2

imageRecently, I’ve started to really get into Victoria’s Secret body lotions. I’ve always used their perfumes, body mist sprays, and way back in the day I used their Drenched In PINK body lotion. I don’t know why I kinda started to sway away from their body care… no real reason, I guess. I just started sampling them out in the store one day and now I’m obsessed again!

Living in the Northeast, winter has arrived. With that comes extremely cold temperatures, dry, cracked skin, you know, all the fun stuff that comes with old man winter. You can never be too moisturized during these times.  Continue reading

Merry Christmas & 500 Followers!

original_marian-parsons-christmas-tree-skirt-beauty-with-presents_s4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-1280-960I wanted to wish all my followers a safe & joyous holiday! I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Day! Did that come fast, or what? As exciting as it is that tomorrow is Christmas, it’s always a little bittersweet. Tomorrow will go by so fast, spent with loved ones, enjoying each others company, then it will end. All the stress leading up to the big day will fade away and we’ll go back to “normal.” All the magic will be gone and you’ll start counting down the days until we do it all again next year.

I hope you all enjoy your day and cherish all the moments you have with family. Have fun. Make memories. Tell stories. Without sounding corny, it’s such a wonderful time of the year. I love the holidays so much! Crazy to think that after tomorrow it will be all over again for this year.

I also quickly wanted to touch on the fact that I hit 500 subscribers yesterday!


Honestly, how amazing! I know 500 may not be a lot in the whole grand scheme of things, however I find it a big deal. 500 people subscribe and follow my blog. I appreciate and thank every single one of you. Thank you for taking the time out to give a like, send a comment, or just say hello. It means so much! I started this blog a little over 2 months ago & I never thought I’d have 1 follower, let alone, 500 of them now! You guys have all been so kind and I love connecting with you. I’ve met some wonderful people on here. Thanks for following me! I’m excited to watch my blog continue to grow.

I hope you all have a great weekend and holiday! Hopefully Santa was good to each of you and you’re spending your day surrounded by lots of love. 🙂

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Merry Christmas!!! A big thank you for following me along on my journey!! Lots of love!!

**Disclaimer** The Christmas photo is not mine and does not belong to me. It was found while doing a Google search**



Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack Review

imageMelt Cosmetics is brand that is new to me. I first heard about them from Instagram a while ago. Most of the beauty guru’s I follow showed pictures, gave reviews, talked about this brand and their stacked eyeshadows. I was interested. I wanted to try the ‘Rust Stack’ for a while now, however, it was always sold out whenever I tried to purchase it.

I was finally able to grab this on their Cyber Monday sale, I believe. I think originally it sold out, or something happened with the site & it crashed. They restocked maybe a week later? (not too sure of the timeline) and said they would honor the Cyber Monday deal. I set my alarm and quickly purchased it the day it went live. It was a pretty easy transaction, no site crashes, I was able to add it to my cart, pay and check out.

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Bath & Body Works Lotion & Fragrance Haul Part 1

imageRecently I picked up some lotion and a fragrance mist at Bath & Body Works. I used to be really big into Bath & Body Works lotions a couple of years ago. I kinda strayed from them because I noticed most of the lotions I was getting didn’t last long, as far as being able to smell them during the day.

I’d put some on and literally half an hour in, I’d smell nothing! It was odd. I decided to give them a try once again and just picked up these new scents. I’m really excited to try them out because they smell really yummy when I dab a little on my hand. I’m hoping the scent lasts longer than my previous experience with their lotions did. I picked these lotions up, I believe a few days ago when B&BW was having a sale for $3.50 per lotion! Pretty good deal considering these retail between $13-$14! Why not? I needed some lotion and these scents smelled too good to pass up. Continue reading

Candle Empties

imageI burn candles daily so you can imagine that I go through a lot of them. I didn’t want this post to be extremely long, so I’ve cut my empties down to just six that I’m going to show you. I included three Yankee Candle scents, as well as three Bath & Body Works scents.

Since Bath & Body Works candles are a faster burn at just being 14.5 oz (compared to a 22 oz large jar Yankee) I tend to go through a ton of those ones regularly. It’s another reason I buy a lot of Bath & Body Works candles & try and stock up on them. I do like the style of Bath & Body Works candles. They’re easy to store, convenient, and most are pretty cute. I just wish they had a larger size than 14.5 oz. Maybe large tumbler style candles like Yankee has? That would be nice and different if they added something like that to their collection. Especially with the rumors of their candle prices going up again! I kinda like that idea. It would be nice if we saw something like that for 2017. Give us a little more for our buck!

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Jouer Cosmetics Review- Buff & Skinny Dip

imageI placed an order with Jouer Cosmetics not too long ago. I picked up one of their liquid lipsticks in the color, ‘Buff’ and a lip topper in the color, ‘Skinny Dip.’ I have ordered previously with Jouer in the past and happen to really love their products. I think their liquid lipsticks are pretty darn amazing. They feel super lightweight on the lips, smell amazing, not to mention the longevity of the lippies. Those babies stay on!! I happen to think Jouer is a fantastic company that knows how to make great liquid lipsticks. (I can’t comment on any of their other products, as I haven’t ventured out and tried anything besides their lip products… though, I’m sure everything they produce is amazing.)

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Yankee Candle Strawberry Cheesecake Review+Pics

imageYankee Candle Strawberry Cheesecake retails for $27.99 and is a returning treasure (which means it won’t be around for a long time) This candle was new to me, as I had never seen it before. I was interested in it so I picked it up.

I love foodie scents. Bakery, gourmand, vanilla, yummy goodness. Those are the kinds of candles I love to smell and want my house to smell like. When I first saw this candle I was a little hesitant because it says, Strawberry Cheesecake… I don’t know about you, but I’m not much of a fan of cheesecake notes. I think for most of them they smell like soured milk. It’s usually so potent that it overpowers the rest of the candle for me and I have to put it out immediately. I usually end up giving that candle away or exchanging it for one I like that doesn’t make me sick. (Scentsy makes a beautiful Blueberry Cheesecake melt that I love and is my favorite.) Continue reading

Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back

photo-dec-15-3-59-46-pmWhen I think of my childhood I have such fond memories. Good memories. Great memories. I had great friends and lots of great times. It’s funny, when I ask my husband about his childhood he remembers very little. He doesn’t describe his memories as vivid and detailed as I do mine. He, like myself, had a great childhood as well. He just doesn’t remember his, I guess, as much as I do mine.

He’s not the only one who’s memories of their earlier years are kinda hazy. I still talk to old childhood friends and when I bring up a certain time, or memory, not all of them recall it. I’ve often been told my memory is freakishly good. I have memories (not a ton of them, but a couple) of being two years old and younger. I’ve described memories or a certain time to my Mom and she was amazed I remembered something from a time when I was so young.  Continue reading