Nails Of The Month – February


Hello, February nails! I haven’t posted the last two months of my nail designs because I was in a “simple” phase for those months. What do I mean? I didn’t do anything fun with glitter or designs. I went with plain matte nails. See, sometimes I do other things than glitter, sparkles, and shiny nails. 🙂 Not too often, though. I mean, who would I be if I did that on the regular? 🙂


I think because my last two nail designs were so simple… I was craving an overload of glitter! I sure did get it! I told Amy I just needed lots of glitter and as always, she delivered!

Some have asked me before if this is glitter polish. No, it’s not polish. All the glitter you usually see on my nails is all loose glitters or custom mixed glitters that Amy works her magic with!

It’s so sparkly! Even more so when the sun catches it.

If you guys are following me on Instagram, you’ve already seen these images. I usually post daily over there so feel free to add me – ThattgirlJenn (same as here) let me know you’re from over here so I can add you back.

Thanks for reading!

xo – Jenn

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