L’oréal Lumi Glow Collection


Not too long ago, L’oréal sent me part of their Lumi highlighter collection. (If you’re following me on Instagram, I did an unboxing and some swatches on my story. You can still check them out on my highlights listed in my profile.) First, the presentation of this PR package was gorgeous and totally unexpected! It definitely blew me away and I am so very grateful they thought of me to send it over. If you guys know anything about me, you know I love my glow! I love it and I love a lot of it. I was so excited to get these goodies and try them out!


Glow Amour Glow Boosting Drops – ( $14.99) Shades : Golden Hour and Daybreak. They’re an ulta- lightweight formula that has a thin non greasy texture that blends seamlessly into the skin. They are for all skin tones and can be worn alone or mixed into foundation to give you that dewy glowing look. 

Out of this collection, I think the drops are probably my favorite! They certainly deliver on the glow factor! I haven’t worn them mixed into my foundation yet, but I plan on trying that option out next. I’ve used them to highlight. (a very little goes a long way) and boy, those drops will give you an incredible blinding highlight. Perfect for someone like me who just can’t get enough of an intense glow!



Glolotion Natural Glow Enhancer – ($14.99) A highlighting glow lotion that gives you an all over natural glow look. Available in four shades : Fair, Light, Medium, and deep. 

I really like these a lot. In my opinion, these give just the right amount of a light, dewy, but still subtle glow to the skin. They’re moisturizing and don’t dry out your skin. I have worn them alone on my “no makeup” days and also underneath my makeup. I like it. I find them to be subtle, but still noticeable and perform great. I will try the deeper shades out once I start spray tanning and the weather gets warmer. I think they’re going to be great! Especially when I don’t want to wear much makeup on those hot days, but still need something light and want to look glowy.



Glow Nude Highlighter Palette – ($14.99) Sunkissed & Moonkissed – A highlighting palette that creates a multi- dimensional glow.

Out of this collection, I think these two palettes would be my least favorite. I just felt I had to work a little more to build up that kind of glow I love… and once I did get some kind of glow, it wasn’t that glow glow I wanted. It was still very light. Do you get what I mean? Not as bam in your face glow as the drops create. I just felt the color wasn’t really there for me. Reason why I didn’t swatch them… it wasn’t showing up! I have heard some people really love these two highlighting palettes, but for me, I think it’s a no go. If you like really subtle highlights, this might be great for you.


Shimmerista Highlighting Powder – ($14.99) Moonlight & Sunlight – A loose highlighting powder that creates a natural glow with a prismatic finish. 

Guys, these are no joke! They’re so pigmented! So pigmented! I got a little too excited with these when I first tried them out… let’s just say, I didn’t go in with a light hand… nor did I use very little. I was probably looking C-R-A-Z-Y with how insanely bright my highlight was that day. No. Seriously. Crazy! I am blown away by these highlighting powders. If you check my highlight story on my Instagram I did a video swatch, you can see how amazing it looks! I would definitely recommend these! I love!!


Overall, I think this collection is wonderful. I really do. Everything worked for me… with the exception of the highlighter palettes. I just don’t think they’re as great as the rest of this collection and didn’t really like them. My favorites are the drops and the Shimmerista highlighting powders.

I’m honestly really impressed with this collection. The quality is definitely there and the price point is affordable. I would check this collection out if you’re a glow-aholic, like myself.

Once again, I am so, so grateful that L’oréal Paris thought of me and sent this over. I truly appreciate it and it was so unexpected & such a beautiful gift to receive. Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

Have you guys picked up anything from this collection? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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xo – Jenn


14 thoughts on “L’oréal Lumi Glow Collection

  1. Congrats again on recieving all of those beautiful goodies from L’Oréal I really want to try those drops!! I enjoyed reading your review as always!! Have a great weekend babe!!💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, babe! Yes! The drops are amazing! I think you’d love them! I meant to try them out this morning mixed into my foundation! 🙈 I’m curious to see how it looks. Have a great weekend! 💕💜💕💜


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