Urban Decay Disco Queen Collection


Urban Decay released their Disco Queen Collection recently.  They were kind enough to send this over for me to try. Immediately upon opening this lovely gift, I was into the packaging. It was pretty! It was fun! I couldn’t wait to dig in and see what this was all about.


The collection comes with two new shimmer products. The Disco Queen highlighting powder and the Disco Stick. (Don’t know about you, but every time I talk about the Disco Stick I catch myself singing that Lady Gaga song.)

The highlighting powder is a beautiful pressed pigment powder. It’s an iridescent lavender with a blue holographic shift. This would look amazing on many complexions. It’s texture is soft and silky.


The Disco Stick is a holographic stick with a pink – blue shift. I feel like this collection is what unicorn dreams are made of! I feel with this collection, if you’re someone who likes a subtle glow, this would still work for you. It may sound intimidating, but both of these products can be worn alone or used together to create such a magical glow.

I, personally, (you guys know me) I like to GLOW! With the Disco stick, I used that first and built it up. (if you’re looking for a more toned down look, the stick applies great and I find subtle at first, unless built up) I then used the Disco powder on top and boy was that perfect!

I felt like a magical unicorn princess.

My husband even commented on my highlight. He loved it!

I find it to give such a gorgeous glow. I love that it’s easy to travel with as well. Along with it being a highlighter, this would be perfect to add a little shimmer to your body as well. Chest, shoulders, etc.

Urban Decay has been one of my top favorite brands for so many years. I think, in my opinion, they nailed it with this collection. I find it fun, magical, and amazing.

This collection is exclusive to Sephora and Urban Decay stores. The Disco Stick retails for $26 and the Disco Highlighting powder retails for $29.

If you guys want to see video swatches (I couldn’t link them in this post for some reason) head on over to my Instagram @ThattgirlJenn (same as here) and check my “Unboxing/ PR highlights on my page to see them)

Did you guys pick this collection up? What did you think? Let me know!

Thank you so much to Urban Decay for sending this over. I am so grateful!

Thanks for reading!

xo – Jenn

6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Disco Queen Collection

  1. I don’t think I own anything urban decay!! But I can’t wait to try something from them that disco stick sounds amazing! Lovely review as usual!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️💗💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, babe!$ Omg, really?? Urban Decay has been one of my favorites for years! They were the next high end brand I tried after using MAC and only MAC for years lol. Their shadows are some of my favorites!! 💕💜💕💜


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